US Treasury Bonds: Foreign owners gain 226 billion Dollars in August

US government bonds are held en masse by foreign owners. The total volume at the end of August was 6.857 trillion Dollars, according to statistics published tonight by the US Treasury. In June, Japan, the largest owner, had ousted China from first place. Japanese owners of US government bonds have been massively expanding their volume for months. Since the beginning of the year it has risen from 1.039 trillion Dollars to 1.174 trillion Dollars in August, an increase of 135 billion Dollars in eight months. With an increase of 44 billion Dollars only in August, the Japanese volume is growing faster than it has in six years.

China is gradually reducing stocks from 1.123 trillion Dollars at the beginning of the year to 1.103 trillion Dollars now. But in the big picture, Chinese stocks are at a high level. So there can still be no talk of a rapid, large-scale disposal of US government bonds as a weapon in the trade war against the USA! Overall, the volume of US government bonds held abroad has risen by 588 billion Dollars since the beginning of the year. 226 billion Dollars only in August. The government in Washington is hungry for new money anyway. Government debt is rising massively. Well, those who massively lower their taxes have a huge hole in the state budget even when the economy is booming.

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