US trade balance for products: Less deficit, for one reason

A few minutes ago the US balance of trade for products was published. In December, the US deficit fell from 79.8 billion Dollars last year to 68.3 billion Dollars. This is a noticeable progress, even if the total volume of the deficit is still catastrophically high! Why has this improvement occurred compared with the previous year? A glance at the US Census Bureau’s data sheet shows the reason. Exports are stuck in the same position. In December 2018 they were at 136 billion Dollars, and now in December 2019 at 136.9 billion Dollars. But the imports, they drop significantly from 215.8 to 205.3 billion Dollars. These are automotive parts, other industrial goods and consumer goods.

US-Handelsbilanz für Waren im Dezember 2019
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