US stocks in trouble if Biden wins? Better to buy German stocks?

Are US stocks facing a major problem? Because as it currently looks, Joe Biden will replace Donald Trump as president in November. Biden doesn’t have to do much in the current situation. Above all, he must not make any mistakes until the election, says stock market expert Andre Stagge in the following german video (more about him here). If a Democrat replaces a Republican in the White House, then according to Andre Stagge, this is traditionally bad for US stocks.

Joe Biden has already indicated that he wants to raise corporate taxes again. And taxes are also to be levied in other areas relevant to the capital market. This would be bad for US stocks. In the long term, however, the pull towards the USA will continue. Nevertheless, it might be better to invest in Europe and in Germany on the stock market at present, as the situation around the coronavirus is better under control in Europe.

In the (german) video Manuel Koch also addresses two concrete trading recommendations of the trading house Boersenakademie. The stock of Delta Airlines is a buy. Here one could enter with a market order. Also the share of the credit card provider Mastercard can be bought, here a stop buy order is useful. The recommendations are also explained in detail in the video.

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