US national debt in the fast lane: Another 30 billion dollars, another 50 billion dollars, add more please!

We at FMN are the really great fortune tellers (smile…). First, on February 1, we headlined the calm before the big bang in US government debt, because it had not moved at all for weeks. And that’s how it happened – on February 13th, one could then view that the public debt had risen by 175 billion US dollars overnight from February 8th to 9th.

The US Treasury Department always publishes the latest debt with a delay of 2 or 3 business days. One can understand this with the statistical effort. On February 9, after the sudden jump, US government debt stood at $20.669 trillion. The reason for the leap was the new debt of the US government, which was hidden and delayed in accounting terms. They were not allowed to be officially shown because the debt limit was not raised. New bookings are only made when the congress raises the limit as usual.

Let the US national debt rise

After 20.669 trillion dollars on the 9th of February, on the 14th of February, after a little to and fro, they were back and forth again at 20.669 trillion dollars. Then from 14th to 15th of February there was an increase of 31 billion dollars, and from 15th to 16th of February there was another 50 billion dollars in new debt on top. Always rebook the hidden or delayed debts, always up with them, that’s the motto.

Now, a few days after the peaceful dispute in the US Congress, no one is interested in this as usual, until once again nothing works. The US Treasury Department is bombarding the bond markets with gigantic sums of new bond issues this week. Yesterday alone, 179 billion dollars of new debt was sold, and this week’s debt sales are still going on. The US government must fill its pockets with cash, because the massive tax cuts will now result in the massive revenue shortfalls in the budget, of which no one wants to know anything.

In view of the overall US government debt situation, one can also expect to see further drastic increases in the next few days as a result of new borrowing (to compensate for the lack of tax revenues). As things stand today, we only know where the debt was last Friday February 16, at 20.760 trillion dollars. The amounts are continuing to improve strongly!

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