Up-to-date: Corona info from Texas and Florida – Stocks, Oil and Gold react

There is new information on the corona virus from the important US states of Texas and Florida. After rumours had been circulating for days and the markets were moving, clarity now prevails. The increase in the number of infected people in Texas and the associated strain on the health care system there now mean that the Governor of Texas is now taking a small role backwards for the time being. Bars must be closed again. Restaurants are now only allowed to offer 50 percent of their capacity.

Florida has released its latest infection figures. They are up 7.8 percent from a seven-day average of 4.1 percent. The number is 8942 in Florida alone in just one day, up from 5,004 yesterday. Well, the situation in the US is worsening. The markets have been reacting since the first rumors. The Dow 30 has slid nearly 400 points since then. The Oil price has lost almost 80 cents since then. And strangely enough, the price of Gold has also been falling. From $1,760 to as low as $1,747. Is this a buying opportunity for Gold?

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