Trump’s campaign opener: With the Donald J. Trump Show into the time hole…

A report by Herbert Bauernebel, who attended the launch of the Trump 2020 election campaign in Florida

A few remarks about the great Donald J. Trump Show in Orlando Tuesday evening at the official opening of his campaign for “four more years”, how it was written on posters and how the 20,000-people crowd was roaring.

I felt during the new rage speech at one point caused to ask my sitting neighbor from a Japanese newspaper what year we are writing. After the president had mentioned Hillary Clinton eleven times in the sports arena, which was full to the brim, mostly marked with the attribute “Crocked”, I thought for a short moment that a time hole had replaced me into 2016. When Trump raged against the Democrats – and hadn’t won at all…

Of course it’s 2019 and Trump starts the next election battle with what he believes to be a proven winning formula.

He conjures up old hats:

  • Elites, media and politicians have conspired to steal the “American dream” from ordinary citizens.
  • The “Deep State” wanted to take him away with the Mueller witch hunt.
  • The country is overrun by social parasitizing, raping and murdering illegal hordes.
  • The “increasingly crazy democrats” want to turn America into a godless socialist Venezuela, shelter criminal gangs of foreigners and kill unborn children.
  • The press, as henchmen of his powerful opponents, failed every day to point out the glorious achievements of the leader of the new “America First” America.

The “Trumpies” are reliably in ecstasy: His followers have found their redeemer in Trump, the personality cult reminds of sectarianism. The motto: One simply feels better if one can create selected scapegoats (see above…) responsible for one’s own misery.

“We love you”, fans kept shouting from the stands.

At any rate, Trump did not present a new strategy in Orlando: a campaign “2016 2.0” should secure him a second term in office.

It is also astonishing how his performances are still the same down to the last detail (and I have covered Trump-Rallies several times since 2016): The same music playlist, choreography and choice of themes, the MAGA caps, patriot buttons, “Lock Hillary up” T-shirts. An event is the copy of the last one.

If it were a Broadway show, critics would insist on a quickest new production.

Whether Trump can do anything other than incite his most loyal followers remains to be seen.

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