Trump: Why he needs a deal with China

Why does Trump need to make a deal with China? The trade dispute between the USA and China has already lasted one and a half years. With more and more mutual escalations. Until in late summer 2019 the US president showed some kind of concession. Clearly, the tariffs were a burden on the US economy as a whole. On the 15th of December further tariffs on Chinese everyday goods were pending. That would have burdened the US consumer, who is so eminently important. Not even a year before the next US elections on November 3rd, 2020, but there is another reason.

Trump: His readiness for the deal and new figures from the US Chamber of Commerce

In the trade dispute with China and other countries, Donald Trump defends above all his voters in the Midwest. The steel industry, the automobile industry and the farmers in the large agricultural regions. Although agriculture accounts for only about one percent of US gross domestic product, he celebrated the upcoming agricultural deal like an epoch-making economic agreement. But what makes the trade dispute so far so explosive are the facts published by the US Chamber of Commerce:

In the meantime, more than half of the US states are affected by counter tariffs on 25 percent of US exports. And in more than a dozen of these states Donald Trump had won the 2016 presidential elections. Clearly, the president is using government funds to support farmers in particular, who have suffered major income losses. But had he not promised the people at his election that they would be better off in the future because of his economic policy. And now many live on state subsidies!

What have some farmers already called into the cameras? We want income, not welfare! Meanwhile US farmers generate a third of their income through payments from the US government.

A tariff war really only knows losers. Again another evidence of this thesis.

Even ideology and fanaticism have their limits in the USA when it comes to the own pocket.

The constituencies in the US elections 2016 – red are the constituencies that voted for Trump

By Ali Zifan – This file was derived from: USA Counties.svg, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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