Trump rages against critics – and staggers

US President Donald Trump is under pressure because of the impeachment investigations and the Kurdish war in Syria.

Already 54 percent of US-Americans, according to a new survey, support the removal of Trump from the Oval Office because of the scandal “Ukraine-Gate”. Only Richard Nixon’s figure was 58 percent higher – just before his resignation because of “Watergate” in August 1974.

Now Trump’s own chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, has blabbed out: He confirmed that the White House withheld nearly $400 million in military aid from Ukraine for “political reasons”. Trump wanted Ukraine’s role to be investigated during the 2016 elections. It was already known that in a telephone call with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Selenskyj, the president had demanded an investigation of his political rival Joe Biden.

Mulvaney contradicted his boss’ previous denials when he admitted a clear “quid pro quo”. What’s more: “We do this all the time in foreign policy,” Mulvaney says. When he realized what he had done, the Chief of Staff later wanted to revise his remarks.

When Trump is driven into a corner, he gets more and more freaked out. And he rages against the opposition: An election campaign appearance in Dallas (Texas) turned into a vulgar canon of abuse against the “hateful democrats”, as he angered, the “crazy Nancy Pelosi” and the “stupid Beto O’Rourke”, one of the presidential candidates.

20,000 “Make America Great Again” fans yelled.

Trump also has his back to the wall because of the growing criticism of his opponents’ “catastrophic decision” to withdraw US troops from Syria. A ceasefire negotiated by Vice Mike Pence with Turkish President Erdogan collapsed just hours later when new fierce fighting broke out in Northern Syria.

Trump sees the bloodshed and humanitarian disaster as a “piece of cake”. “They’re like two children in the playground beating each other up.. And then they’re torn apart again,” he said during the performance in Dallas.

Herbert Bauernebel has been a freelance U.S. correspondent in New York since 1999, heading the information portal with blogs, analyses and news – from breaking news to political agitators, from trends from Silicon Valley to Wall Street.

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