Trump: More and more US citizens want his fall

Donald Trump’s armchair in the Oval Office wobbles: Half the US population already wants him to be kicked out of the White House by means of an impeachment procedure.

According to CNN, 47 percent of U.S. voters support the so-called impeachment, which has now been launched by the Democrats after the scandal “Ukraine-Gate“. Trump had put pressure on the state to harm political rival Joe Biden.

Trump must be scared of the prospect in the poll: Six percent more respondents than in May want to see him disempowered.

Meanwhile, the scandal is spreading rapidly: It became known that the US President also addressed US investigations into the origins of the earlier Mueller investigations in a telephone conversation with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

It becomes clear: Trump pursues his own strange conspiracy theories in telephone conversations with world politicians. According to them, the opposition and treacherous officials (“Deep State”) have conspired against him.

Trump’s closest staff sinks into a scandal swamp:

  • Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo listened to the scandalous Ukrainian phone call as it was now revealed. He had been silent so far.
  • Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, the mastermind in the hunt for “campaign bullshit” against Biden in Kiev, was ordered to hand over files by court order.

The Democrats want a speedy impeachment procedure: Trump’s fate is to be voted on in the Senate at the end of December.

An ever more uncontrolled Trump fires from all sides. He wants to declare his innocence with a mega-campaign consisting of Twitter tirades, videos and the swarming of allies into the TV studios. But he is making things worse.

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