Trump: France’s wines and everything else will get under punitive tariffs. Threat against EU

Donald Trump has arrived in London to take part in the NATO summit. In front of reporters, the US president shoots mainly against France, but also against the EU! The USA will put tariffs on French wines and “everything else”. He said he would not allow France to enrich itself with American companies. This is an allusion to France’s digital tax of 3% of turnover levied on Google, Amazon and Facebook.

The EU would treat the US very unfairly. If this does not change, things would become very hard for the EU.

So Trump does not let up. His subject is and remains the customs question. We can already look forward to further statements by the US President at the NATO summit with the demand above all to Germany to increase defence spending, otherwise…

And Trump on China: the country has become very powerful because of money from the USA. If he makes a deal with China, he would be very happy about it. And Trump to the question about a Phase 1 deal: “you’ll find out pretty soon”.

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