Trump drumfire against the Fed continues

Donald Trump has been shaking the Fed for weeks with a kind of “verbal drumfire”. And now again late last night. As US President, we might think he thinks it would be great if the US Dollar were strong. But that’s not the case. According to Trump, the interest rate level held high by the Fed keeps the Dollar high compared to other countries. The USA has the best companies in the world (Caterpillar, Boeing, etc.), and it makes it harder for these companies to compete with foreign companies. There is currently no inflation in the USA. Substantial interest rate cuts by the Fed (e.g. 1% down?) would make it possible for US companies to win against any competition.

They have the greatest companies in the world, but it can’t be said about the Fed when it comes to central banks, says Trump. If the Fed did the right thing, the USA would be in a much better position. They would also win without the Fed, but with a “reasonable” Fed the situation would be much better. Well, how often, Donald Trump? We think the Fed has meanwhile got what he wants. But Jerome Powell’s latest statements clearly show that he is in no way influenced by Donald Trump. So Trump would have to chase him out of office in order to make a difference at the Fed?

Donald Trump

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