Trump: Budget draft – will the next Government Shutdown take place?

Why there is a threat of a governmental standstill shortly before the presidential elections – and how Trump is discriminating half of the population

US President Trump had started his election campaign in 2016 to significantly reduce the “outrageously” high budget deficit left to him by his predecessor Barrack Obama. Well, it is common knowledge that under the new president the US debt has further increased to 23 trillion Dollars. Once again pushed by a gigantic corporate tax reform. But now Trump is presenting a budget for the coming year that clearly shows his priorities. The content that is completely against the Democratic program. But since the Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives, the rejection of the draft could lead to a new government shutdown. That could happen in the final months of the election campaign.

Donald Trump: His budgetary priorities

4.8 trillion Dollar is the budget which, according to the president’s ideas, will be valid from October. The most striking aspect of this draft is the expenditure for the military, 740 billion Dollars. This means that with such a gross domestic product one year ago they would have been just below the top 20 nations in the world. A significant increase results from the plan to modernize the US nuclear weapons. With a plus of 20 percent or 3.2 billion Dollars more than in the previous year. Added to this is $25 billion for NASA for the Moon Flight project. Expenditures, which are to cement once again the status of the superpower USA, as the highest good in the current president’s vision.

Two billion Dollars are also to be spent on the mexican Wall, Trump’s core project. But so far only five percent of the 3,200-kilometer border installations have been completed. A quarter of them are to be completed by election day.

The cutbacks

And where does the president want to save so as not to let the expenditure increase immeasurably? By cutting back on health, education, the environment. By cutting spending on health care, on aid for the disabled and on food stamps, which after all are available to over 40 million US citizens. The Ministry of Housing, which is responsible for reducing homelessness, is also to receive 15 percent less. It is clear that for the person who has opted out of the climate agreement, environmental protection is not so important. His proposal of the environmental authority EPA to cut the budget by 26 percent is a clear indication of this.

The significant cuts in social security are explosive, because they break a promise the president made before his election in 2016. He did not intend to touch the aid for the poor in the country.

Minimum requirement of a balanced budget

Now Trump is no longer talking about reducing the US national debt during his eight years in office. He has another goal, namely a black zero by 2035. How is this to be achieved? Through further cuts in the social budget and a continuous growth in gross domestic product of three percent, over a whole decade.

Conclusion: Trump hits the lower half of the population

It is clear that such a budget has little chance of overcoming the hurdle of Congress and the House of Representatives. The contents are the exact opposite of what the Democrats announced in their election program for 2020. But how will the lower half of the population react to the cuts in the social budget? Aren’t they the voters who are supposed to be better off with Trump’s policies after he has quit with the establishment? Above all, it is the long-term prognosis that sounds downright absurd. Three percent growth by 2035 and not even counting a recession. A growth that Trump has not even achieved in one single year with his gigantic tax reform and the corresponding debts. In any case, it will lead to exciting arguments in the houses this year, because a solution must be found by September. Otherwise, there is the threat of another governmental standstill. And this only a few weeks before the presidential elections.

Der Haushaltsentwurf von Trump trifft die untere Hälfte der Bevölkerung hart
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