Tesla builds European Gigafactory near the BER in Brandenburg

What an announcement. Tesla boss Elon Musk appeared surprisingly yesterday at the award ceremony of the “Auto Bild” in Germany. And he said (visible in the video from minute 43) that Tesla would build its first production in Europe. The world’s fourth so-called Gigafactory, near Berlin, more precisely near the airport “BER” which was completed in 2198. According to the Tagesspiegel, the site will be located on an area in Gruenheide, Brandenburg, in the Oder-Spree district southeast of Berlin. On Twitter, Musk later became more precise and said that batteries, drive trains and cars were to be built there. From 2020, the Y model will come onto the market, and it will also be built in Brandenburg as the first model. And, according to Musk, the construction of the factory will definitely have to be at a faster pace than at BER Airport.

And as we can see from SPON, politicians from Brandenburg and Berlin are enthusiastic about this news. For example, Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke says he is happy. It is excellent news for the federal state. For a long time now, they had been campaigning for this in intensive talks and with good arguments. And so on, and so on… What kind of arguments were those? If we consider that Brandenburg is not exactly known as a car location, then the question is: Why this region in particular? Question: Will Brandenburg, the federal government and the EU provide Tesla with subsidies? Let’s see what else comes to light. For the region this settlement is of course a blessing when you think of thousands of new jobs.

Elon Musk. Photo: JD Lasica CC BY 2.0
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