Stock Markets: Censorship versus Trump? Wall Street against Google! Video outlook (german)

While the stock markets want Trump to remain US president, the big tech companies like Google seem to be taking action against Trump’s supporters

The stock markets are facing volatile times! While Wall Street wants Trump to stay on as US president (because of his program of low taxes and drastic reduction of regulation), the big tech companies like Google seem to be actively and passively taking action against Trump’s supporters. Google, for example, has partially banned right-wing conservative sites. At the same time, it has upgraded the ranking of established media and organisations. This makes it increasingly difficult for media outside the mainstream, while the more Trump-critical “serious” media are being pushed up. Is this a kind of censorship? Today the focus is on US job market data and US first-time applications for unemployment benefits. Are there similar “deviations” to yesterday’s ADP job market data?

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