Stock Markets: All just a bogus game in favour of the moneyed aristocracy?

Is the stock market just a bogus game? All in favour of the “moneyed aristocracy”, as ex-hedge fund manager Florian Homm puts it? It was striking how quickly the US Federal Reserve Bank Fed was panicked when prices plummeted at record speed in March because of the Corona crisis on the stock market. So they launched a liquidity tsunami that is unprecedented in financial history. As a result, the US indices on Wall Street experienced their best quarter since 1998 (Dow Jones and S&P 500 and 2001 (Nasdaq 100). The Fed is currently buying everything (including junk bonds) – except stocks. But even that is probably only a matter of time.

In the following (german) video Florian Homm gives some examples of the “rigged game” on the stock markets. And he shows how profits of speculators are privatized, but losses are socialized:

Ein Spiel mit gezinkten Karten? Die Börse in New York
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