Silver: Breakout to the pre-corona crisis level

Last Friday Silver was able to overcome several resistance barriers at once (see also the article “Why the Silver price is taking the elevator up”). So far, Silver has already risen above the $16 mark in May 2020 and it looks very much like Silver could soon storm the $17 mark.

Historically, this is at the current price level, where there has always been big selling. And against this backdrop, Silver prices are likely to remain volatile in 2020. In the meantime, however, the Silver price today is an indicator of many purchases. If anything, the current analysis of Silver shows a great opportunity for investors to make the most of “cheap Silver”.

What can we expect from the precious metal in the coming months? See a chart analysis by David Jones, chief market startegist at

Der Silberpreis konnte zulegen - läuft die Rally bei Silber weiter?
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