Sell stocks, buy gold?

Is it finally time to sell stocks and buy gold? One of Wall Street’s most profound thinkers, Ray Dalio, says: yes! The hedge fund manager recently wrote a lucid analysis entitled “Paradigm Shift”, which is strongly recommended to our readers (here complete: Once again Dalio shows that he is one of the few Wall Street legends who can think outside the box. Dalio therefore foresaw the bursting of the US real estate bubble – and drew lessons from it:

  1. a portfolio does not need many values
  2. the values you have in your portfolio should correlate as little as possible with each other (risk parity)

In a brilliant video, Dalio finally summarized how the economy works:

Now Dalio recommends selling shares and buying gold. Lars Erichsen summarizes Dalio’s thesis and reasoning in this video (german):

Ray Dalio. Photo: Grameen America – (CC BY 3.0) – Extract from original photo
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