Real estate prices continue to climb unchecked!

The real estate prices in Germany do not know any stop! It goes like pulled at the line upward. This is shown by a survey published a few minutes ago based on real estate transactions. According to Europace, the self-published house price index continues to rise “continuously”. It includes the prices for new houses, existing houses and condominiums. The following chart goes back to 2011, and is probably more than clear. Prices continue to climb. According to Europace, the current figures prove that the low interest phase is causing property prices to rise. The decline in the number of building permits in the first half of the year is another factor that does not reduce the surplus of enquiries in a relevant way. In the wording from the current communication:

In July the EUROPACE House Price Index EPX recorded steady growth. Compared to the previous month, condominiums rose by 1.50 percent and existing houses by 1.25 percent. Prices for new houses rose only slightly by 0.23 percent. The overall index thus climbed by 0.98 percent to 163.3 points. The EPX is based on transactions actually concluded nationwide for owner-occupied houses and condominiums worth more than 5 billion Euros per month.

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