Producer prices remain deflationary for the fourth month in a row

The German producer prices for December have just been published by the Federal Statistical Office. On a monthly comparison it is a plus of 0.1% and in comparison with December 2018 it is a minus of 0.2%. This means that producer prices are now deflationary for the fourth month in a row year on year! The marked rise in oil prices in the last few months of last year brought producer prices closer to zero from -0.7% in November, but not yet into positive territory. Quote from the statisticians:

Total energy costs in December 2019 were 2.4 % lower than a year earlier. Compared to the previous month of November 2019, energy prices declined by 0.4 %. Excluding energy, producer prices were 0.4 % higher than in December 2018 and rose by 0.2 % compared with November 2019.

Erzeugerpreise Dezember Statistik
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