Port of Hamburg – a special container index has not been deceptive

The eye of the observer with South German roots was not mistaken: turnover at the Port of Hamburg – Germany’s largest port – grew strongly in the first half of the year.

Although he had a lot of fun with it, the observations of Markus Fugmann, head of FMW, who reported several times on a higher cargo state of the container ships in the port of Hamburg, were quite real. On Wednesday, the port’s marketing company spoke of growth of 7.5 percent in this period.

Port of Hamburg – the numbers

Container handling, the most important area of the port with the highest added value, had thus risen to 4.7 million standard containers (TEU). This volume was the last seen in 2014. The total transhipment of sea freight increased by 4.1 percent to 69.4 million tonnes compared to the same period of the previous year, according to the company’s Board of Management, Axel Mattern.

For the first time in years the port was thus able to catch up somewhat with its competitors Rotterdam and Antwerp in container traffic, primarily at Bremerhaven’s expense.

Hamburg’s growth was mainly due to four new liner services linking Hamburg with ports in Canada, the USA and Mexico, Mattern said. Due to the new connections, container traffic with the USA quadrupled.

However, the whole thing has nothing to do with the deepening of the river Elbe in the port of Hamburg, which has just begun, as these USA lines are operated with rather medium-sized ships. But the port is already waiting for new container giants that can transport 23,000 boxes, so growth could continue.


Why use satellite images to evaluate how hedge funds do it in large container ports around the world, even if it’s easier? An “eagle eye” and perhaps a southern German wheat beer will suffice to determine fundamental logistical economic data. Maybe we should use Markus Fugmann in the Strait of Hormus, so that the mystery of the strongly increased “Baltic Dry Index” can finally be solved…

Port of Hamburg
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