News: Stock Markets rise – EU wants to pump 750 billion Euros into the economy

The stock markets in Europe as well as the Euro continue to rise! After the EU apparently wants to pump 750 billion Euros into the economy. This is part of the reconstruction plan (somehow sounds like the good old 5-year plans under socialism)! Of this, 500 billion Euros are to be made in the form of non-repayable “grants”. These are not to be paid back by the recipients, but all together. The remaining 250 billion Euros, on the other hand, will be given as loans.

The stock markets are rising because the sum of 750 billion Euros goes beyond what Germany and France had previously agreed upon. The Euro is rising above the 1.10 mark, but compared to what the US is pumping into the economy and markets, the sum of 750 billion Euros seems almost modest.

One way or another: the corona crisis is currently being flooded with liquidity. It remains to be seen what long-term consequences this will have.

Aktienmärkte und Euro steigen, die EU will 750 Milliarden Euro zur Verfügung stellen
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