News: Boeing presents aircraft sales figures – disastrous!

It was assumed that the numbers would be bad. But to see them then shows the gigantic gap that the 737 Max disaster has created between Airbus and Boeing. Europeans delivered 786 civil aircraft last year. Boeing is currently reporting a total of 380 aircraft for 2019, less than half that of Airbus! The US company is thus delivering the worst sales figures since 2007. But we have to bear in mind that the special effect of the flight ban and the production stoppage of the 737 Max is currently massively distorting the situation at Boeing.

And in 2019, Boeing lost 87 orders net, which is more cancellations than new orders. This disastrous figure is of course also due to the 737. According to current reports, a Boeing spokesman cannot currently say exactly when this last occurred, but probably not in the last 30 years. Once again we get the impression: even if the military sector is a great support for Boeing, the standstill at the 737 is becoming an increasingly serious problem for the company!

Das Boeing Hauptwerk nahe Seattle
The Boeing main plant north of Seattle. Photo: Jetstar Airways ( CC BY-SA 2.0

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