News about trade dispute: China confirms that phase 1 deal will be signed

The Chinese media have just confirmed that the so-called Phase 1 deal will be signed on 15th of January. For the time being, this will put an end to the trade dispute. The last details have been clarified in the meantime, reports the “Global Times”:

This is also confirmed in a tweet by Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the “Global Times”, who has long been very aggressive towards the USA. He said that there would now be a new beginning in the relations between the USA and China:

Well: Perspectively it can be assumed that this major conflict of the 21st century between the dominant world power USA and the rising world power China will break out again. Because the conflicting interests are simply too big. The USA wants to stop China’s further rise to become a competitor on an equal footing. For the time being they have probably agreed on a “truce”, which is currently in the interest of both superpowers: Trump wants to win the elections, China wants calm in the face of a cooling economy.

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