New stock market year: a false start looms

Dear traders,

we are currently facing the threat of a veritable false start into the new stock market year. Especially the typical export indices such as the Nikkei or the DAX are coming under pressure today and are losing almost 2 %. What are the negative factors? Last Friday, the USA killed the Iranian top military man Qasem Soleimani with a targeted drone attack. Since then, emotions have been running high, especially in Tehran. The man is very popular in Iran and is considered a kind of war hero. The Mullah regime now swears revenge. Donald Trump has announced further military measures precisely for this case. He recalled the hostage-taking of US embassy personnel in Tehran at the end of 1979. On the stock exchanges, some market participants now fear a wildfire in the region between Afghanistan and the Mediterranean. As a result, oil prices are rising sharply and gold, the crisis currency, is rising very strongly.

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