Netflix quarterly figures: Really good! But the stock market pays attention to a number

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The Netflix quarterly figures have been released yesterday evening. Here we show the most important key data.

Revenue is 5.47 billion Dollars (previous year quarter 4.19/expectations 5.44). In the current quarter, sales are expected to reach 5.73 billion Dollars.

Earnings are at 1.30 Dollars per share (previous year quarter 0.30/Expectations 0.51). In the current quarter, the company now expects 1.66 Dollars.

The number of new subscribers is 8.76 million (expected 7.6). North America accounts for 0.55 million of these (expected 0.6). For the current quarter the target of 7 million new subscribers is currently being announced! (previously expected 7.82)

Netflix currently says that the low growth in North America is due to recent price increases and competition from other streaming providers (see Disney+).

Fact is: The financial data as well as the user growth is really good! Above all, the expectations in terms of profit have been exceeded by far. The share was still quoted after-market at 10:14 p.m. with 1.5% in the negative. This is because the newly issued target of 7 million new subscribers in January-March is a little below previous expectations. Wow, how spoiled the stockbrokers are with the growth of Netflix nevertheless!

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