Markus Krall and Marc Friedrich: “Everything goes faster than expected”

Markus Krall und Marc Friedrich sind sich sicher beim Thema Inflation

Markus Krall and Marc Friedrich are both part of the commentators who have been put in a negative corner. Numerous leading media in recent years named them “crash prophets” who simply say everything badly. And now? Currently there are no articles about these crash prophets in the same leading media. Why? Just recently Markus Krall and Marc Friedrich were talking about the current situation. Their main statement is: Their crash scenarios are occurring even faster than expected!

Markus Krall and Marc Friedrich on inflation and socialism

You now experience a time lapse, says Markus Krall (see here his brilliant analyses, but also questionable solutions). The coronavirus is an external shock that encounters a body with previous diseases. This would make this crisis much longer and harder. If the economy had been really healthy before, the crisis could be much shorter and softer now. What is currently happening is following the pattern of his theses. Governments all over Europe would incur massive new debts. The central banks are printing money. The money supply is being massively expanded. It is a matter of fake security for people through printing money. In his books, Marc Friedrich has put forward fundamentally similar theses to Markus Krall, if you look at the big picture. The big inflation is now imminent, precisely because of the massive money printing!

Markus Krall draws a historical comparison to today. A massive increase in the money supply meets a clearly shrinking supply of goods. This, he says, is generating massive inflation. The two also agree that the governments would now take the opportunity in the context of the coronavirus crisis to move strictly in the direction of socialism. Note in our place: Well, will it happen directly? But Olaf Scholz’s sovereign wealth fund launched this week is now allowed to buy into companies. With gigantic sums of money. So it’s going a little bit in this direction. But by tomorrow the GDR will probably not be resurrected directly! Lufthansa could be the first large corporation to be partially nationalized in the near future? In the following detailed conversation Markus Krall and Marc Friedrich also discuss other highly interesting aspects of the current crisis and what could happen in the future. An absolutely worth seeing conversation (german video)!

Dirk Mueller about the crash

With reference to the current crisis, Marc Friedrich had recently spoken of useless helicopter money (read here). Besides Marc Friedrich, Markus Krall and also Max Otte, the “crash prophet” Dirk Mueller (Mr Dax) is also in the focus of public attention. Only yesterday we reported about his current video interview at Mission Money. His statements are also highly interesting. By the way, Dirk Mueller is of the opinion that this crash is no coincidence. One can of course be of this or that opinion, we would like to point out! By the way, Dirk Mueller’s opinion regarding inflation is pretty much the same as Markus Krall’s and Marc Friedrich’s. Here again in extracts our remark from yesterday:

According to Dirk Mueller, we currently have a supply shock together with a demand shock combined with a pandemic. This combination did not even exist during the Great Depression of 1929 and later. What will happen now? After a deflationary shock, which occurs because everyone has to sell everything, there will be hyperinflation. Similar to what happened in Germany in 1922/23. More and more liquidity is provided by the central banks and this will be met by a still limited supply.

Here you can see the current conversation between Markus Krall and Marc Friedrich. One does not have to share their opinions completely! But as before the outbreak of this crisis and before the stock market crash, their statements are very interesting now. They broaden the horizon!

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