Marc Friedrich, Sahra Wagenknecht, Marcel Fratzscher in exchange

Last Thursday Marc Friedrich, Marcel Fratzscher and Sahra Wagenknecht discussed the “crash until 2023” at Maybrit Illner. As is well known, Marc Friedrich predicted exactly this crash in the book “Der größte Crash aller Zeiten” (together with Matthias Weik), which turned into a bestseller from scratch. Why this crash has to happen until 2023 according to Marc Friedrich remains unclear in the discussion at Illner.

The head of DIW, Marcel Fratzscher, considers this prediction dubious: “You have no scientific basis for your arguments”. As you know, however, Fratzscher is a staunch defender of the ECB and its monetary policy. He also has ambitions for the position of head of the Bundesbank and is always under discussion for a position in the ECB. According to Fratzscher, the (problem) countries have carried out tough reforms, so everything is now all right. Meanwhile, Fratzscher obviously already has enough problems with his DIW (see “Unrest in the DIW – Criticism against President“).

Sahra Wagenknecht, on the other hand, does not want to accept Fratzscher’s argumentation. After all, the escalating indebtedness is a fact that cannot go on like this. But that’s exactly what Fratzscher wants. The Germans saved too much, that’s the DIW boss’s mantra. Marc Friedrich, on the other hand, reacts to Fratzscher’s statements “lightly upset” – but see for yourself (german):

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