Is there a meeting Trump-Xi Jinping? Beijing to USA: “Hypocrites under the cover of Democracy”

China’s lifetime president Xi Jinping is currently on a state visit to Russia – both powers are obviously moving ever closer together in facing confrontation with the USA:

As we know the Chinese authorities have pronounced a fine against Ford in China tonight – Beijing is sending a warning signal to the US manufacturer. For Ford it is China which is the most important market after the USA:

Will there be a ” face-to-face meeting” between Trump and Xi Jinping end of June at the G-20 summit? On the weekend China mentioned the conditions for this in its “white paper”. Talks with the USA and a meeting with Trump will only be resumed if the USA lifts the tariffs and the ban on Huawei – and the chances are not really good from a current point of view!

Just how sharp Beijing’s tone towards the US is can be seen in the statements made by Geng Shuang, the spokesman for the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs. He calls the US a “hypocrite under the cover of democracy”:

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