Iran and the attack on two US military bases

What is the exact background of Iran’s attacks on two US military bases? Donald Trump has not yet responded specifically to Iran’s military strike against the US – with the exception of his sentence “all is well”. Iran, for its part, is officially pursuing the goal that all US troops leave Iraq. Iran’s (rather radical) head of state Khamenei speaks of a “slap in the face” for the US. This suggests that this is not yet the end of Iran’s revenge measures.

According to a recent survey, by the way, not even 30% of registered US voters are able to locate Iran on a world map.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has stated that the previous reports of the crash of a Boeing shortly after take-off in Tehran are not official due to alleged technical defects. No wonder: how can one be so quickly sure about the cause of a crash? Normally it takes weeks to months until the causes of crashes are clarified.

The following (german) video of the “Welt” provides interesting background information about the two attacked US military bases. Has Iran “intentionally missed” in its attacks, as is speculated? We think it is rather unlikely…

One way or another: we can be curious how Trump will express himself!

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