Intel figures show: Tech industry is still under fire

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now it’s official. Never before have German stocks measured by the DAX been more valuable than last Friday. So it is finally here, the long-awaited new all-time high. Otherwise, however, we experienced a rather boring stock market week. In fact, the DAX made only marginal progress. Despite its record high for the week. On Wall Street, on the other hand, the shares of the S&P 500 even lost slightly. The stock markets in China remained weak. Here, the important Shanghai Composite Index lost over 3%. The coronavirus continues to spread here. This naturally has a negative impact on the domestic economy.

However, the week did have news for a better performance. Intel in particular drew attention to itself and exceeded expectations in terms of both profits and sales. The share consequently made considerable progress after trading. It is interesting to note that the demand for chips is currently strong. In particular, operators of cloud and server structures are apparently currently ordering chips endlessly. But even sales of chips for conventional PC computers, which are actually “out”, rose by almost 5 % year-on-year at Intel.

Previously, the largest contract manufacturer in the chip industry, Taiwan Semiconductor, had already spread a similar message. The company is forecasting sales growth of over 40% for the current quarter. This means that the global economy may be a little tired at the moment, but there is no sign of exhaustion in the technology sector.

Netflix: Streaming market increasingly competitive

Rather disappointing figures were provided by the video service Netflix. The number of paying subscribers was increasing, but rose very slow in the prime markets. This is due to stronger competitors like Disney.

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