Incoming orders in the construction industry are exploding! Record figures

Auftragseingänge am Bau - Beispielfoto einer Baustelle

We had to read the news twice, because the rate of increase is so incredibly high! This morning, the Federal Statistical Office published the new orders received by the construction industry for the month of November. Hold on tight! Seasonally adjusted, they are up 14.2% on the previous month. Madness! And compared to November 2018, it is +9.1%. And the year to date comparison, which gives a much better comparative picture? In the first eleven months of 2019, new orders in the construction industry rose in real terms by 4.0% year-on-year. Still a really good figure! And with these current gigantic figures there are automatically new records. Quote from the statisticians:

In November 2019, incoming orders in the construction industry in companies with 20 or more employees were nominally 10.3% higher than in November 2018. It is around EUR 7.1 billion, the highest value of orders ever measured in a November in Germany.

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