Illiquid market data at a glance: Dax without movement, Euro rise picks up speed

Even if the Dax shrugged yesterday – after 13,078 points on Friday night, it´s now a minimal loss with 13,052 points, and a tired sideways price in the chart. Here is the Dax curve shown in the chart since Thursday evening. At the moment there is no improvement in sight!


The US Dollar continues to weaken. The trend has been increasing since Tuesday. On the chart, we have seen the falling dollar index since December 18 compared to the rising euro vs. US dollar. This, of course, dampens the opportunities for rising Dax prices so close to the end of the year in current trading. EURUSD has been rising from 1.2860 yesterday to 1.1936 early yesterday.

US indices

Since Friday to early this morning the Dow has just increased 30 points. At the same time the Nasdaq loses just 0.3%. So this is also a tired event. There you shouldn´t think too much about it!

Dead market

Even the euro against the British pound has not changed by a pip compared to last Thursday at 0.8877.

Yesterday there was something to report about the Oil market. But since then, WTI Oil is sticking to the $ 59.80 mark. Not even the fact that the API inventories came down -6 million barrels last night (expected -4 million) did not move. Today at 5 PM CET we´ll receive the official stock data from the US.

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