Huawei ban: Is the USA right?

Yesterday, the US government announced that the complete ban on Huawei will be postponed for another three months. This week, however, the US Telecommunications Commission (FCC) has yet to decide whether Huawei could be considered a “threat to US security”.

Is this a signal from the Trump administration to China in the trade war? Probably not. It is more probable that the US government, with the further postponement of the complete ban, will rather take into account above all rural regions in the USA, in which Huawei networks are predominantly used. Not only are they considered to be very reliable, but they are also 30-40% cheaper than comparable US products.

In the following video, opponents, but also users of Huawei technology in the USA speak out. In this way the practical constraints become clear. They simply cannot do without Huawei technology without setting up a completely new digital infrastructure. Which would cost time and above all money.

The statements of Ren Zhengfei, the founder of the world’s largest telecommunications company, are also interesting. How does he see the Huawei ban in the USA? He comments on this to the “Economist”:

By cellanr –, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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