Heiko Thieme and the low in the Dax at 8,250 points

Das Coronavirus schüttelt die Börsen durcheinander - Dax Tief bei 8.250?

Over 10 million US Americans have registered as unemployed within 2 weeks! This is an extremely fast development, which yesterday exceeded even the worst analysts’ expectations. In the following (german) video, Manuel Koch also spoke with Marcel Fratzscher from DIW. According to Fratzscher, one must honestly say that the economic researchers are calculating scenarios and cannot make reliable forecasts. There are three possible scenarios for the development of the current crisis.

In the video, Manuel Koch also interviews Heike Thieme, a stock exchange trader known as a merciless optimist. 8,250 points is the low point in the Dax in this crash, says Thieme. For the Dow the low was 18,200 points. If one goes by the book value, then the Dax is now very cheap. If a recovery trend does not start in the middle of the year, then one has to rethink. So Heiko Thieme still leaves an option open in case there are even deeper lows? Because, he also says, this is currently a completely new and unknown phase in the stock market world.

Manuel Koch also discusses two concrete trading ideas in the video. These are the top recommendations of the trading-house Boersenakademie. For example, the Adidas share is recommended for purchase with the instrument of a stop buy order. Likewise one is optimistic for gold. Here too, a buy with a stop buy order is recommended.

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