Gottfried Heller on Draghi, the trade war and the inverse yield curve – “May you live in interesting times”.

“May you live in interesting times”, Gottfried Heller quotes a Chinese proverb, which is meant, however, as a curse! And we are certainly living in interesting times – in times of an unprecedented monetary policy experiment by the central banks with a completely uncertain outcome.

If the times are interesting, it might be worthwhile to give an ear to the very old “rabbits” – such as Gottfried Heller, the prehistoric rock. He takes a critical view of Mario Draghi and his successor Christine Lagarde, believes that the inverse yield curve is not a signal of recession due to central bank manipulations (if he is not mistaken!) – and also talks about trade wars and Brexit.

But what do we do in the current environment? Heller says: buy mixed funds (mix stocks and bonds) for example – and as coincidence plays it, Heller has launched a mixed fund…

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