Gold: 2,000 Euro upper limit, long-term performance and gold mining stocks

The federal government plans (probably only a question of bureaucratic implementation?) to lower the upper limit for anonymous gold purchases from 10,000 euros to 2,000 euros. This topic is currently being discussed by Mission Money. Not only do you have to show your identity card if you buy 2,000 euros or more. No, the seller would then have to create such funny things as a “risk analysis” of the buyer. Because gold, cash and much more… yes, this is all a playground for terrorists and money launderers – that’s how you almost hear it by now as standard when it comes to new bans and restrictions. These are, of course, the simplest reasons that can be conjured up.

Gold performance and individual stocks

The following video (german) also discusses in detail how gold has performed in recent years and decades. The relation of gold to other asset classes is also an issue when it comes to security and liquidity. The video author also discusses some interesting gold mining stocks. Let us say (our note): Gold mining stocks are basically an extremely sensitive topic. You should think twice, three or four times exactly whether and what you buy here. Please inform yourself in detail and from various sources before investing in individual stocks – this is what we want to say emphatically!

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