Folker Hellmeyer on trade war, Dax and the ” bringing into line of the Fed ” by Trump

Is yesterday’s postponement of US tariffs for some important product groups such as smartphones a game changer for the markets? Folker Hellmeyer says: no. It was a short pause that the markets had longed for – but the “game” continued.

And this hits the Dax particularly hard, because the German economy is suffering structurally from a trade war in particular. Nevertheless, Folker Hellmeyer assumes that the Dax will have the potential to recover again towards the end of the year. In addition to the trade war, however, he sees risks such as Trumps’ attempt to “bring the Fed into line”.

Hellmeyer also makes interesting statements about the “anti-social” behaviour of the Italian government – and why he assumes that the price of gold will continue to rise (german):

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