Financial Transaction Tax: Less instead of more revenue for Olaf Scholz!

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz absolutely wants it, the Financial Transaction Tax. This will affect small investors in particular – and in a country that has always had difficulties with risks, it also means that equities are viewed sceptically. Surprisingly, corporate investments such as shares are taxed, but derivatives are not – brilliant! Shares of German companies are taxed – but shares of American companies are not – even more ingenious!

Now Scholz also believes that Germany will get a substantial income from this tax. But he might be wrong, as Jens Raabe explains in this video (german).

And how Raabe in broad Saxony dialect speaks of the “Saharaaaa whip” in view of the current heat wave is simply world class!

Olaf Scholz. Photo: Christoph Braun CC0
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