Donald Trump fires extreme hardliner John Bolton – Oil price reacts

What an earthquake in Washington DC. John Bolton is considered the mega-hardliner in the Trump administration. As “National Security Advisor”, he was Donald Trump’s whisperer for all foreign policy sensitive issues, for example Iran. Now Donald Trump has fired John Bolton via Twitter. He had completely disagreed with many of Bolton’s proposals, as had other members of the government, Trump said.

Funny or sad, John Bolton insists he resigned. Well, who is right? Almost doesn’t matter. For the geopolitics of the USA this probably means: détente. Because who could be more hardliner than John Bolton? The fact that the financial market also believes in an easing of tension can currently be seen from the reaction on the futures market for oil. Thanks to the Bolton news, the WTI oil price has fallen by just a Dollar. So less fear of a military escalation with Iran, because the mega-hardliner Bolton can’t whisper anything into Trump`s ear anymore? Donald Trump wants to present a successor to Bolton next week.

Once upon a time. John Bolton and Donald Trump in December 2018

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