Dirk Mueller: Stock markets will probably collapse again

The stock markets have experienced an exemplary V recovery since the lows in March. Dirk Mueller, however, assumes that there is a 70% probability of another slump (which he expects in autumn):

“I cannot in good conscience advise investors to go into stocks right now. My main expectation is that there is a 70 percent probability that we have not yet seen the low. That we will receive another heavy blow in the second half of the year. Then I would enter the market staggered”, says Dirk Mueller, also known as “Mr. Dax“.

Although the stock markets could remain irrational for longer in this “crazy world” . The real economy would not recover to its pre-Corona crisis level in the foreseeable future. Millions of people would remain unemployed, so that the hope of a complete recovery, which the stock markets have already priced in with the liquidity of the central banks, would be dashed.

Nevertheless, according to Dirk Mueller in the german video, there are already good opportunities for individual shares. For example, those shares that will benefit from the “Green Deal” in Europe. Overall, the trend is towards the large digital groups (such as Amazon). And away from the small and medium-sized, less digitalised companies.

For Europe, Dirk Mueller expects the shift from cash to an E-Euro, which is already being prepared by the French central bank.

Dirk Müller erwartet einen Rückschlag für die Aktienmärkte
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