Dirk Mueller: Crazy kids rush the stock market

Beispielbild eines Traders - Dirk Müller spricht über die Robinhood-Hausse

Mr Dax Dirk Mueller has been preaching it since the big stock market crash in March. There will be a second big crash on the stock market. So far this view has been a grip in the toilet. But what is not the case yet, can still be in the second half of the year? Dirk Mueller gives an interview (german) with Mission Money in the following video. Here he expresses his opinion that the crash is not even over yet. In his opinion, we’re still in the middle of it.

Dirk Mueller on the Robinhood boom in the USA

Dirk Mueller assumes that prices could fall again in autumn or winter. It could become brutal. In the following video he explains why he is still acting very cautiously and hedges his fund. The upward movement in the indices in recent weeks would have caught many institutional investors by surprise. According to Dirk Mueller, this surge was triggered by private gamblers in the USA. Millions of private gamblers with small amounts of money had pushed the markets. The broker “Robinhood” is the topic in the USA, where even minors gamble over their parents’ credit cards, according to Mueller.

Wirecard and Inflation

By the way: The subject of Wirecard is also addressed. Dirk Mueller explains why he, like many others, believed in the company. But after the first signs of serious problems, he says, he sold at prices of 100 Euros. Is inflation coming after all, as Dirk Mueller has also been saying for some time now? He now comments that he doesn’t expect inflation until the end of the crisis. The potential for this crisis is only now being built up. In the end there will be an explosive rise in prices. For the USA, he even sees the current overall political situation as the possible beginning of a civil war. More on this in the following video.

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