Dirk Mueller: Coronavirus – is the Federal Government acting negligently?

Dirk Mueller – also known as “Mr. Dax” asks the question: Is the German government negligent with its appeasements regarding the coronavirus? For example, with its statement that there is no need to wear breathing masks? Because that, according to Dirk Mueller, frightens off those who are actually willing to wear such masks. And if the coronavirus were to become more widespread in Germany after all, these negligent statements would fall back on the German government!

Already this morning a virologist described the statements of the Federal Government in an interview with the NDR radio station as negligent and trivializing. He said that the comparisons drawn by the Federal Government with the allegedly much worse wave of influenza in Germany in 2018 were completely misleading. About 25,000 people died that time. Because almost all of those who died at that time died from a combination of many diseases. And: since several million Germans had the flu at that time, the mortality rate was less than one thousandth, according to the virologist. In contrast, the current mortality rate in China due to the coronavirus is 2%, which is more than 20 times higher than the flu epidemic in Germany.

There is no reason to panic, said Health Minister Spahn. But there is never reason to panic, as Dirk Mueller rightly points out, because panic always means headlessness. That is not helpful in any case. He said that you only have to turn the statement “No reason to panic” around once to see the idiocy of the statement. Who would say: “There is reason to panic”?

Hygienic conditions

In any case, there is reason for concern and caution. The spread of the coronavirus in China (already due to catastrophic hygienic conditions) will increase due to the wave of travel on the occasion of New Year’s Day. For the Chinese New Year’s Day means Easter and Christmas in one weekend. An US American with Chinese roots currently in Wuhan has formulated the dimension and the intervention of the virus for millions of Chinese on New Year’s Day (English “Chinese New Year”, abbreviated “CNY”) in this way:

„It’s CNY, and in case you’re not familiar with the Chinese culture, let me first put into perspective it’s importance. It’s like thanksgiving and Christmas combined. Historical/Traditional significance aside, for millions of people, CNY is the only time of the year where families get to reunite and have a home cooked meal together. It is more common than not for chinese people in more rural areas to go to cities to find better work opportunities. They work hard for the whole year, sending home the little money they earn to support their children and parents. Families don’t get to see each other for a whole year and reunion dinner on CNY eve is something everyone looks forward to.“

The report shows how dramatic the situation in Wuhan has become. And probably also in other areas of China. Dirk Mueller could therefore be right in his criticism of the Federal Government:

Dirk Müller kritisiert die verharmlosende Haltung der Bundesregierung beim Coronavirus
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