Deutsche Telekom with quarterly figures

Deutsche Telekom published its quarterly figures early this morning. Here are the key figures.

Turnover amounted to 20.01 billion Euros (previous year’s quarter 19.1/expected 20.2). Profit (adjusted EBITDA) was EUR 6.48 billion (prior-year quarter: EUR 6.15/expected EUR 6.4 billion).

The share started trading at -3%.

The minimum dividend will increase from EUR 0.50 to EUR 0.60 per share. Last year, the actual dividend was 0.70 Euros. It could also be higher now and in the coming years, depending on the outcome of the upcoming deal in the USA.

Adjusted EBITDA for the current year is now expected to reach 24.1 billion Euros (previously 23.9).

Deutsche Telekom Headquarter. Photo: Qualle CC BY-SA 3.0
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