USA-China Trade War – Explained from an American Perspective

For a long time the trade war between the USA and China was not a real topic in the US media: it was believed that this would not happen at all, because the Americans would win in the long run anyway because of their trade deficit with China.

As things became more complicated US media always sprayed optimism: a final deal was close, it was said again and again (whereupon US stock markets could always gain). But that China from Beijing’s point of view could not and would not agree to humiliating demands – the US media had not expected this because they simply could not or did not want to put themselves in China’s position.

The fact that we now stand where we currently stand is also due to this American ignorance, which is cordially uninterested in other cultures, mentalities and value hierarchies.

A very good – and at the same time revealing – explanation is given by the following video from an American point of view: here things are brought to the point, but at the same time it is ignored that the Achilles’ verses of the USA are their financial markets, in which three quarters of the Americans’ assets are invested.

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