Dax with high risk over the weekend

Anyone who is invested in the Dax is exposed to a considerable weekend risk. This is of course due to the vote in the British Parliament on the Brexit deal with the EU on Saturday. Depending on the outcome of the vote, the Dax may open with a larger gap upwards (if “yes” to the deal) or downwards (if the deal is rejected). Because if the parliament refuses its approval, the endless back and forth will go on. The uncertainty remains poisonous for the economy. Whether it does not come to a hard Brexit with disastrous consequences.

Meanwhile, the Johnson government is trying to present the deal reached with the EU as clearly better than the agreement reached with Theresa May:

Either way: It will be close at the vote. The outcome is completely open. Nevertheless, a betting provider whose forecasts for Brexit votes in the British Parliament have always been very close to the actual results predicts a defeat for Johnson with eight missing votes (Johnson needs 320 votes, but will only get 313, according to the betting provider Sporting Index).

In addition to Brexit, Hong Kong could also become an issue. Police there have banned a demonstration planned for Sunday, but violent clashes are likely to take place.

In the following video (german), Jocchen Stanzl shows which risks are waiting for those who want to stay in the market over the weekend, especially in the Dax:

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