Dax is falling – Events in Hong Kong

The Dax started today strongly into the trade – but right after it went down. What’s going on?

The movement seems to have been triggered by the escalation of the situation in Hong Kong – violent clashes between protesters and Hong Kong police took place in Hong Kong’s subway tunnels during the night to Monday – and now, as the South China Morning Post reports, all flights departing from Hong Kong have been cancelled after the protesters blocked the airport with sit-ins:

#Breaking All fights out of Hong Kong International Airport cancelled after protest sit-in https://t.co/ZAmx2tsGdq

— SCMP News (@SCMPNews) August 12, 2019

Smartphone capture from Hong Kong Airport

So the situation seems to be escalating further – and what the markets are now afraid of is that the Chinese military will enter Hong Kong!

Beijing seems to lose patience – the military has gathered in the neighboring city of Shenzhen:

Also the police in Hong Kong now threatens with an action with “iron fist”:

While the stock markets are coming under pressure, bond yields are clearly falling as a sign of risk aversion…

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