Current: Turkish Lira is on the rise because the US is again issuing Visas for Turks without limitation

The Turkish lira is increasing against the euro for just a few minutes, and especially against the US dollar. The reason for this is that the US is again granting unlimited visas to Turks. The restriction had been introduced because a Turkish employee of the US Embassy had been arrested for “Gülen suspicion”. Now, the US embassy in Turkey is officially saying that the Turkish Government has pledged that no other Turkish embassy staff is currently being investigated. They also pledged to inform the US embassy in advance if they want to investigate further employees. Here is the message:

That’s enough for a small “leap in confidence” in the Turkish lira. US dollar vs lira falls from 3.81 to 3.77. Euro vs Lira drops from 4.55 to 4.51. Further price losses (rising lira) are possible. Here in the chart, we have combined Euro and USD against the lira (chart since last Friday).

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