Current: US labor market data mixed

The US labour market data (June) came in with 213,000 new jobs, which is somewhat better than expected (forecast was 200,000 new jobs, previous month was 223,000 new jobs).

US hourly wages were +0.2% in the previous month and +2.7% in the previous month, up 2.7% (forecasts were +0.3% and +2.8%; previous month was +0.3% and +2.7%).

The US unemployment rate is 4.0% (forecast was 3.8%; previous month was 3.8%).

The participation rate is 62.9% (previous month was 62.7%).

Wages are lower than expected..bad for the dollar! The unemployment rate is at its highest level since March because the participation rate has risen significantly (500,000 people are looking for work again who had not looked for it before). Wall Street inspires: good new jobs, low inflationary pressure from wages, more people looking for work! It’s a wonder Donald Trump hadn’t twittered the numbers before.

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