Current: Trump wants negative interest rates – and a stronger Dollar at the same time

Donald Trump has just reiterated to reporters (broadcast by “Fox”) his desire for negative interest rates. According to Trump, he thinks that Fed Chairman Powell has done a very good job lately. But when it comes to negative interest rates, he disagrees. Competitors like Germany have a clear advantage over the USA:

“If they’re going to have the advantage of negative rates, we should too. I feel strongly we should have negative rates”

But at the same time Trump wants a strong Dollar:

“It’s a great time to have a strong Dollar because the whole world — you know, we’re paying zero interest, right. That’s never happened either. We’re paying so low. Everybody wants to be in the Dollar because we kept it strong. I kept it strong”

Isn’t that actually a contradiction? Negative interest rates and a strong Dollar? Anyway, after Trump’s statements the Dollar became stronger, the Euro-Dollar slipped below the mark of 1.08.

Here the statements of Trump in the short video

Trump möchte Negativzinsen - und wiederspricht damit Fed-Chef Powell
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