Current: Labour supports new elections in Great Britain

The Brexit drama is entering a new round. It has just been announced that Jeremy Corbyn, head of Labour, has given approval for new elections by his party. According to Corbyn, the condition that a no-deal Brexit is off the table is now met, his office said. The Labour leader now wants to start the election campaign. The election should take place on 11th or 12th of December if there is a majority in parliament today. That is likely with the agreement of the Labour party:

Corbyn and Labour had come under pressure over new elections because both the Liberal Democrats (LPD) and the SNP (Scottish National Party) had recently signalled their support for an election. However, both parties hope for a second referendum on the Brexit. According to current polls, Prime Minister Johnson’s Conservatives would get 40% of the vote, Labour 24% and Liberal Democrats 15%.

The significantly increased probability of new elections has boosted the British Pound…

By Garry Knight, CC BY 2.0,
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